GA Ingenieros consolidates its leadership in environmental consulting.


Environmental studies

We provide our clients with a high added value to their projects through high-level environmental consulting based on the extensive multidisciplinary experience of the team and the environmental vocation of the company in energy projects, mining, urban planning, road communication infrastructures, agro-industrial projects, etc.


Environmental management of work

Putting into practice the preventive, corrective and compensatory measures proposed in the environmental studies and having feedback on their suitability and operation is very enriching and also allows us to improve and expand our knowledge.


Environmental monitoring and follow-up

Our teams carry out field data collection through the application of scientific methodologies appropriate for each species and ecosystem. This work, which is usually prolonged in time, is key to acquire a broad and accurate knowledge of the richness of faunal communities such as birds, chiroptera, mammals, herpetofauna, etc.


Archeology and paleontology

Respect for historical and cultural heritage is fundamental in environmental impact assessment procedures, and therefore, it must be treated as a key factor in the development of projects. The experience and professionalism of the team of archaeologists and paleontologists allows us to adjust the projects to the current regulations and to the requirements of the competent administrations.


Botanical surveys

Floristic communities, whether herbaceous, shrub or tree, require specific studies to determine the real impact of projects on these communities. We carry out phytosociological studies and characterization of HICs to objectively assess the impact on ecosystems.


Reports of impact on the Natura 2000 Network

The extension and complexity of the areas in the Natura 2000 Network require extensive knowledge on the subject. The species and environmental values they protect, as well as the management of threats or vulnerable factors, make it necessary to carry out specific studies and reports in order to evaluate the risk and impact that the development of projects has on the environmental values that led to the protection of these areas.


Port, Offshore and coastal zone environmental consultancy

Marine ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to project development. The Iberian Peninsula has a great potential for offshore floating wind power, and in the coming years studies will be required, such as the drafting of environmental impact studies, sampling and prospecting, marine thematic mapping, professional, scientific and technical diving.