Meet the founders

(2007) Office of Environmental and Agronomic Studies. Engineers, SL; (Ávila) – Spain.

Luis Eduardo Canelo Pérez

Executive Director (CEO) / Co-Founder Partner

Doctor of Forest Engineering and Bachelor of Environmental Sciences

“2020 – 2030 will be a decade of great challenges, opportunities and changes towards the global energy transition. Our goal is to continue working to consolidate our position as one of the leading environmental consultancies at a national level, as well as to strengthen our international expansion. Photovoltaic developments on regulated inland waters, as well as offshore wind power are fields in which we want to promote our services, betting on new technologies and expanding our knowledge“

Juan Ignacio Canelo Pérez

Technical Director (CTO) / Co-Founder Partner

Doctor of Agricultural Engineering and Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Technical Engineer

“The climate is changing and we are the ones who must change our behavior to continue enjoying the world we know. In our hands is the most effective tool to stop climate change. Our experience and knowledge in the environmental field gives us a global vision to develop projects in a more efficient and sustainable way. We want to continue working on the sustainable engineering of the future, developing technologies to carry out projects with lower environmental impacts and reduced carbon footprints, while maintaining an efficient, innovative and quality service“